Top 5 Boxing Combinations

Here are my Top 5 Boxing Combinations!

These can be used for Fitness, in Boxing or for Self Defence. They are effective, practical and easy to remember combinations.

The Top 5

Combo #1

Jab, Straight, Left Hook

Combo #2

Left Hook to body, Left Hook to head, Right Straight

Combo #3

Jab, Straight, Left Uppercut, Right Hook

Combo #4

Double Jab, Right Uppercut

Combo #5

Jab, Straight, Left Hook, Right Uppercut, Left Hook, Right Straight

Video Of Our Top 5 Boxing Combinations

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If you didn’t want to throw a hook punch, you could Power Slap

Also, if you didn’t want to Jab, or Straight shot, you could instead use Palm Heels

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Stay Safe (and fit!)
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