How To Slap REALLY HARD For Self Defence

Want to know how to slap REALLY HARD for Self Defence? An i mean REALLY HARD!

A slap is a massively underestimated strike. Anyone can do it, and everyone can generate huge power from it.

The area you’re aiming for is full of pressure points, and vital targets – but the best bit is, you don’t need to be precise.

Target For The Slap


When you slap, you don’t want your hand to be flat. Instead, you want to cup your hand. This creates an air pocket which when it hits the ear can cause damage to the ear, and even perforate the ear drum.

Along with the damage done to the ear, you also have a lot of pressure points you will hit too – there are several along the jaw, as well as some on the neck too. Don’t worry too much about their placement, or about hitting them. Aim for the ear as your main target, and you’ll achieve lots of secondary target hits too.

Video: How To Slap REALLY HARD For Self Defence

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