Punch & Sprawl – Self Defence Fitness

The Punch and Sprawl is an amazing whole body workout that will challenge your fitness, and your body!


What It Works

  • Lungs – Increased cardiovascular conditioning
  • Heart – The constant up and down motion challenges the heart and increases strength
  • Legs – Getting off the floor looks easy, but the legs are constantly working doing squat thrusts
  • Back – From throwing the punches to getting off the floor, the back is being worked
  • Chest – Getting off the floor requires a press-up which works the chest muscles
  • Shoulders – Punching challenges the shoulders, as well as stabilizing the body when getting to and off the floor
  • Arms – Used… constantly. From the punches, to the press-up and even for stabilizing

How To Do The Punch And Sprawl

The Application

So you maybe asking how is the Punch & Sprawl applicable to Self Defence.

If you are out punching someone they have two options;

  1. Flee – Run away
  2. Takedown – Shoot low, and takedown

The takedown is what the Sprawl defends against. As they shoot in, we kick our legs back away from the arms so they can’t grab them, and control. We sink our bodyweight on top of them and stuff their takedown.

Self Defence Fitness Playlist

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