Learn How To Palm Heel Strike For Self Defence

How To Palm Heel Strike – It’s a short, quick and effective strike. It is better to Palm Strike in a street fight, and Self Defence situation rather than punching because you lower the risk of injury to your own hand (for the same reason we Hammerfist too), and this strike can also be stronger than a punch too.

The Palm Heel fires very effectively from our Fence Guard (one of our main guards we use, and that you should too – see here) because our hands are up in a passive position, with fingers facing up, hands open and palm showing ready. Therefore we do not telegraph our shot (give away our intention).

How To Palm Heel

  • Start with your hands in ‘The Fence
  • Fingers up to the sky, and pulled back
  • Palms facing the opponent
  • Strike with the fleshy part of the lower hand, where it’s also reinforced by the structure of the forearm
  • After striking, draw the hand back to cover and if needed, strike again with the other hand

Target Areas

  • Nose – Direct hit to the nose will cause extreme pain, and can also make the eyes water
  • Under Chin – To push their head back and expose the neck for a follow up strike
  • Direct Chin Shot – This can lead to knockouts, or at the very least buy you enough time to follow up strike or run
  • Chest – Used as a pulse hit, the chest is a very effective target and can wind your attacker and push him back creating space

Watch our video on how and when to use the Palm Heel Strike.

How To Palm Heel Strike Video

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