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If you travel for business, or for pleasure. Be it a regular flyer, or infrequent. You need to read this Hotel Security article.

I know the first thing we want to do when we get into the hotel is throw our stuff down and get back out to explore! But hold fire. Secure your safe zone first. Lets take a look at what Hotel Security measures you should follow;

Lock valuables away where possible, if this isn’t possible, then stash them. Failing that, you’ll have to take them with you – remember though, separate cash and don’t have it all in one spot. Products like Money Travel Belts are ideal for this, as these are worn under clothing for emergency funds, and back-up cards.

If you’re planning on hunkering down for a bit, or jumping in the shower don’t forget to lock and secure your door. For extra piece of mind invest a small amount in some essential door security, such as the Travel Door Stop Alarm – this not only acts as a door wedge to secure your door from opening, but has a pressure pad built-in, which when depressed emits a loud alarm, alerting you, and others to an intruder. This will also startle any potential invader.

Avoid emptying the entire contents of your bag. If you have to Bug Out (get out quickly in case of an emergency), you’ll waste time collecting items together and re-packing. Instead, you should, as much as possible, work from your bag and only take items out when needed, and repack after.

Upon arrival, be sure to check the Fire Evacuation plan. These are normally on the back of the doors. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the Evacuation Plan, be sure to do a dry run and recce of the Hotel to familiarise yourself with the layout and escape routes. This saves time, and in an emergency lowers your risk of hesitation and uncertainty.

  • Lock valuables away (in a safe or padlock in a bag)
  • Don’t unpack everything – try working out of your bags
  • Look at the Fire Evacuation Plan and recce the route
  • Separate money and cards
  • Secure and lock the door if you’re staying there

Hotel Security Video

This video will give you hints and tips to improve your safety, and security whilst staying at a hotel.

Do you stay in hotels for business? Watch this video.

Do you stay in hotels when on vacation? Watch this video.

You’ll learn Hotel Safety and Security information, and what to do when you first arrive at the hotel from checking Fire Evacuations to a device you can use to prevent anyone opening your door.


Door Stop Alarm

This is the Door Stop Alarm we demonstrate in this video.

door stop alarm


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