How To Hammerfist For Self Defence

Learn why and how to Hammerfist for Self Defence in this article (video included too).

The hammerfist is a very effective close range weapon that can be used with minimal effort and for maximum effect.

It is very easy to throw this short-range weapon from our guard without any telegraphed motion (movement indicators that give away our intentions). The motion is just like swinging a hammer, hence the name and contact is made from the fleshy part of the hand, with additional power added by dropping the bodyweight into the strike as it connects.

Ideal targets for this strike are;

  • Bridge Of The Nose
  • Collar Bone
  • Bicep (if they are grabbing you)
  • Jaw (horizontal hammerstrike)
  • Temple (horizontal hammerstrike)
  • Back Of Head (when doubled over)

As we are connecting with the fleshy part of our hand, it reduces the risk of damage to ourselves during confrontation. The same reason we’d choose to Palm Heel, rather than punch, to protect the small, delicate bones in our hand.

Watch our video below which explains more.

Video Tutorial

Alpha Watch shows you how to deliver an effective Hammerstrike in a self defence situation in this video.

It’s a powerful and effective strike that can be used for pre-emptive defence, or a very good way to break out of a guard when covering up from an attack.

Will, from Alpha Watch shows you how to deliver two variations of the hammerfist, the downward, and the side hammerfist both from the fence guard as well as the closed guard.

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