Front Kicks To Squats – Self Defence Fitness

Want a lower body workout!? Look no further! Front Kicks To Squats really challenge the legs and the core as they are in constant use throughout the exercise.

What Does It Work?

  • Legs – The legs are in constant use throughout, being challenged by the squat as well as the kicks
  • Glutes – Not only from the squat, but are butts are worked during the front kick too
  • Core – The balance maintained whilst executing kicks challenges our core, not only that it is also the stabilizing muscle used in the squat
  • CV – Cardiovascular system gets a blast and is in constant use. So expect to get fitter as well as stronger

How To Do It

What Exercise Goes Well With This?

Try the Punch & Sprawl – it compliments this exercise well as by combining the two, you get an excellent whole body workout.

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