Flashlight Self Defence – How To Use A Flashlight (Torch) In Self Defence

Flashlight Self Defence? Hell yea!

Anybody, and EVERYBODY should carry a torch/flashlight with them as part of their Every Day Carry

A flashlight (tactical torch) should be part of your EDC (Every Day Carry), as not only is it a useful item if out walking the dog, or for having in the car in case of emergencies, but it is also an amazing tool for Self Defence.

You can use the light from the torch to disorientate your attacker to allow you enough time to run, or use it as a gap to strike them with the tactical end of the torch (the tactical end has a beveled solid end which prevents the lens itself becoming damaged if used to strike).

Watch our video below where you’ll learn how you can use a flashlight for Self Defence.

In this video you’ll learn how to use an essential EDC (Every Day Carry) Tool, the Flashlight for Self Defence.

Who Needs A Torch As Their EDC, And Why?

  • Dog Walkers – Ideal for lighting the path, and keeping an eye on your dog.
  • In A Car – In case of emergencies where you need to make people aware of your location
  • If You Walk At Night – Ideal self defence tool as well as the practical element
  • Home Owners – For power cuts or lost items
  • Ideal For Finding Dropped Items When Out
  • Preppers – A integral EDC Item
  • EVERYBODY – For Self Defence and Practicality

What Torch Is Used In The Video?

The torch we use in this video, and would recommend is this;

It’s an amazingly bright torch with all the right functions needed for a EDC Tactical Flashlight BYBLIGHT F12 1000Lm CREE LED Torch, 5-Mode, Rechargeable, Zoomable, IP67 Waterproof Tactical Flashlight Torch (For Camping, Hiking and Emergency Use) with 18650 Battery.

The most important features for the torch is to have the button at the end of the torch, a tacticl end over the lens and ideally a strobe setting, as explained in the video.

We hope you found this of use.

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